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Tikkers Watches

Authorised retailer for Tikkers Watches. Most watch manufacturers don't usually make children their target market, but Tikkers do things differently. Tikkers have been creating watches designed especially to suit the specific needs of children of all ages ever since they were launched in 1999. They produce a wide range of watches with exciting bright colours and fun designs which children will just love. All Tikkers watches feature a soft leather strap in order to make them comfortable and practical to wear.

Perfect for the Child at Heart!

If you're still a child at heart you may also enjoy the wide range of Tikkers watches which are on the market. You just need maintain the same sense of fun and innocence as children have to enjoy the experience of wearing a Tikkers watch. Perhaps you might want to wear one as part of a matching outfit with your child which is something both you and your child could enjoy.

As High Quality as Adult Watches

In terms of the quality of Tikkers watches, the watches are built incredibly well and are sturdy enough to withstand being played with by a child! They are also just as accurate as any adult watch you would purchase from other watch manufacturers. Tikkers watches also come in at a very child-friendly price with many of the watches only costing £14.99. They make fantastic presents for any children in your social circle including members of your family.

Emulating High Street Trends with a Touch of Fun

Many Tickers watches emulate the latest high street trends, while bringing a sense of fun with a range of bright colours. Other watches feature original designs which help children find telling the time fun - for example, watches designed to look like a cats face or a monsters face. Whether they are being worn by a child or a child at heart they really do make telling time fun all year round.

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