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A few days ago, on the 21st of July,  Longines announced a new variation of their Avigation Watch Type A-7. The model is inspired by pilot’s watches from the 1930s, more specifically a model ordered by the U.S. Air Force in 1935. Created to the ar
On June 3rd, luxury watch brand Longines launched their newest line of sports watches, The Spirit collection. Inspired by pioneers of the aviation industry, The Longines Spirit collection embodies the brand’s desire to encourage a new era of explor
The Longines Conquest Sport collection was first launched in 1954. The model was intended to serve as an everyday elegant yet sporty timepiece. Longines was inspired by the adventurous spirit of those daring to go beyond what is conventional. The mod
Longines is a luxury watchmaking brand well known for the elegance and performance of their products. Undeniably a brand with a long and prosperous history. Longines stands as one of the innovators of Swiss horological tradition. For over 188 years t
Longines Banner

Longines Watches

Authorised retailer for Longines Watches. Each watch that is designed and created by Longines has its own individual flair that radiates the core values of the brand and their vast history. The vast range of collections means that there is something for everybody.

History of Longines

Since 1832, Saint-Imier in Switzerland has been the home to Longines. Throughout the last 180+ years, the brand has always stayed true to its vision of producing traditional, elegant, and high- performance timepieces. The brand is known all around the world by its winged hourglass logo, which has become an instantly recognizable symbol. This iconic logo and even the name ‘Longines’ were only trademarked by the company in 1889, some 57 years after the company was started. This is because the original name was not actually Longines, it was Agassiz & Co, named after founder Auguste Agassiz. Auguste had joint a trading office in St. Imier, and rose to become manager, and turned it into Agassiz & Co! During the 50’s Agassiz’s nephew, Earnest Francillion took on the successful, now international business on. it was whilst Francillion was in charge, that they decided to expand the company. This meant purchasing a factory to set up operations in. He bough two adjoining pieces of land on the bank of the River Suze, a piece of land that was locally known as Les Longines. Francillion decided to adopt this name for his factory that would be built in 1867. The company grew and grew, and it’s previous technical research began to pay off, with many awards proving it’s hard earned reputation was deserved. Today, Longines is still the oldest trademark or logo still in use in it’s original form, registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization. The name and logo have become a guarantee of quality, and helps to protect against counterfeit products.

Longines Style

Longines is a watch brand for those that seek out fine Swiss watch making. They are a brand that blends elegance, tradition and performance which can be seen across their watch collections. The brand has been split into five different atmospheres; Elegance, Watchmaking Tradition, Equestrian, Sport and Heritage.

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