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Olivia Burton has some of the most charming watch designs available on the market currently. The brand is known for its playful and distinctly youthful designs. A clean contemporary silhouette ensures its watches remain trendy and not tacky. With aut
Olivia Burton is a fun-loving brand with a flair for playful designs which appeal to the modern-day woman. Its colourful yet clean designs allow for the brand’s watches to be worn by women of any age. Olivia Burton strives to provide high-quality w
Calling all mermaid lovers! In recent years mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes have risen in popularity. As a result of this, many companies have begun creating merchandise to support the trend, from stationery to clothing. One of the biggest
Summer is almost upon us. With the warm weather returning in full force we are all looking forward to spending more time in the sun surrounded by nature. Why not bring that fresh summery feeling into your wardrobe as well and make it last all year ro
Olivia Burton is the British accessories brand founded on the dreams of two best friends and ex-fashion buyers, Jemma and Lesa. Designed in London, the brand takes inspiration from fashion, vintage and nature to create unique accessories that you’ll treasure forever.

Olivia Burton Watches

History of Olivia Burton

Those with a passion for accessories that are floral, feminine and inspired by nature will love Olivia Burton. The brand started in 2011 after best friends Jemma and Lesa took the plunge and started their own watch and jewellery company. The inspiration for starting the brand came from a shared love of design as well as the desire to find a watch they wanted to wear. Jemma and Lesa met on their first day at university, both studying at the London College of Fashion. After Jemma and Lesa had finished their studies, they went on to work for top fashion brands, spending their free time at antique markets picking up vintage watches. This was all the inspiration that Jemma and Lesa needed to begin designing and creating watches from their kitchen table. Shortly after they formed an accessory brand, ‘Olivia Burton’ after Lesa’s great aunt, who was a great inspiration for the girls with her high spirit and energy. Their first collection debuted in September on the 12th, this collection inspired by vintage fashion trends, straight from the runway.

Olivia Burton Style

Olivia Burton is an adaptable accessory brand that can be worn by women of all ages, as well as fitting a number of different fashion styles and trends. The brand has an overall vintage vibe with the combination of simple yet elegant design and soft tones through their collections. Their timepieces are heavily inspired by nature with the inclusion of floral patterns, animal-themed designs such as the notorious Bee Themed collection and underwater landscapes which inspired their 'Under the Sea collection. Olivia Burton not only creates beautiful and classic designs made from quality leather, but they also have a collection of vegan watches meaning that there is truly something for everyone.

Affordable Quality

Inspired by the spirited appraoch and energy of Lesa's great aunt, Olivia Burton, the pair began making waves in the watch industry. Their aim was to always provide covetable, collectable styles, with fun colourful designs that can be worn by all ages. Inspired by vintage finds, and the latest catwalk trends, these are timeless and stylish designs, that wont break the bank.

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