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Polar have just released their latest multi-sport model, the new Polar Grit X. For those looking for a watch with elite functions a lightweight design and multiple tracking functions, this may be the model for you. The Polar Grit X is an outdoor trac
The Polar Ignite is the latest fitness tracking and GPS enabled wrist-based heart rate watch from Polar watches. This Ignite joins a family of powerful fitness watches, designed for a range of performance levels, from amateur to professional. This ne
Over the course of June and July, there are plenty of opportunities to buy gifts. With father’s day around the corner and graduation season up and coming, we thought we would take a look at Polar watches. The future of watch is, of course, the
The Polar Vantage V Titan is a Multi-Sport and Triathlon watch made from premium materials. The Polar Vantage V Titan has been created to help challenge your limits, push your boundaries, and achieve greatness. Now lighter than ever, the Vantage V
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Polar Activity Tracker Watches

Authorised retailer for Polar Activity Tracker Watches. If you're looking for wearable devices which can help you improve your fitness regime then Polar wearables are exactly what you're looking for. Polar was founded in Finland in 1977 as there were no accurate ways for people to measure heart rate during training. The idea of a wireless, portable heart rate monitor was conceived on a cross country skiing track in Finland. Polar's first patent for a wireless heart rate monitor was filed in 1980 and the world's first wearable wireless heart rate monitor was released in 1982.

Polar wearables have now been available for over 30 years and the devices have become even more advanced as technology has improved over the years. Some of their innovations have been the introduction of personal trainer software, fitness bands and monitors for team sports. Polar wearables are popular with professionals and amateurs alike. The devices can be used to ensure that professional sportspeople can reach peak performance as much as they can to help people stay fit and healthy. As well as being functional they also come in a lot of different colours and designs which means that there are Polar wearables for all tastes.

Polar wearables aren't just designed with form and function in mine, but they are also designed with the environment in mind. The majority of Polar's products are produced in their own factories and they carefully manage their material suppliers to ensure that environmental concerns are taken into account.

Whether you're looking for a basic heart rate sensor, a stylish activity tracker smartband or a fully featured GPS activity tracker Polar have something for you. So don't delay, buy your fitness tracker from the original producers of wearable technology - Polar.

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