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  • Our Business

    This website operates under the title First Class Watches HKG and is property of First Class Watches Limited. We are based within the United Kingdom in the Midlands. We are official UK dealers for all of the products on our website.

    First Class Watches Limited
    9 Warwick Road
    CV8 1HD
    United Kingdom

    As a smaller online retailer, we take customer service very seriously and always aim to resolve issues to the best of our ability.
    If you would like to submit a complaint, please review our Complaints Procedure.

  • Payment & Security
    We have partnered with Global-e, a third party service acting as your seller-on-record, so you can buy and ship your FCW products to over 200 destinations worldwide! When you buy your FCW products from Global-e, you will see that your payment method is charged by **Global-e// FCW **, and the purchase is subject to Global-e's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (which will be clearly presented in checkout before you place the order). You can contact Global-e at or send them a letter to 45 Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TJ United Kingdom.
  • Disclaimers

    Although this web site is constantly being updated with new products and discontinued products being removed sometimes errors can be made. Please note manufacturers may occasionally update products and specifications may change at any time.

    Where an item listed on this site has been discontinued or is out of stock we cannot adhere to our estimated delivery time, we will endeavour to send you an email or telephone call notifying you of this as soon as possible. However we always aim to please our customers and rely on our customers returning for future purchases and them to recommend us to friends and family. We also reserve the right to cancel any order where a mistake has been made with the pricing of a product.

  • Bracelet Sizing
    • We can make no guarantee or promise with regards to the fit as this is normally a service which is provided where the wearer is present. Where there is some uncertainty to the wearer's wrist size please consider having the bracelet sized locally by a competent jeweller (this shouldn't be more than £5-£10). This service is offered as a courtesy to customers when they purchase a watch with an adjustable "link" bracelet from First Class Watches HKG. We endeavour to size the bracelet prior to shipping based on the information you provide.

    • As the watch belongs to you, any links we remove will be included in the box of the watch upon delivery to you.

    • Watches sized by First Class Watches HKG are still returnable under the returns policy. All original links must also be returned and the watch should be unworn.

    • Although we apologize for mistakes in sizing we offer no form of compensation due to sizing error.

    • Sometimes it may not be possible for us to size a watch directly. This includes cases where the manufacturer deems it necessary to return the watch to them for sizing (in which case this responsibility will lie with the customer), periods of extremely high demand, or times when a jeweller is unavailable due to absence or holiday. We will endeavour to contact you when we are unable to size a watch.

    • Generally, sizing reductions do not delay the shipment of a watch. Although, in certain circumstances sizing may delay an order by one working day.

    • If the watch requires extra links to be ordered these are usually free of charge however some watches such as 9ct gold watches, ceramic watches and watches requiring more than 2-4 links (supplier dependent) may be chargeable due to the raw materials or brand policies.

    • If we need to order links will delay your order, usually only a few working days if this is in stock and we will endeavour to inform you of any delays.

  • WEEE & Recycling

    Under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulation 2006, upon purchase of a new item we accept to take back free of charge any waste electronics that have previously fulfilled the same function. We will then recycle the waste electronics and parts in an environmentally sound way.

    This is part of the effort to reduce the disposal of WEEE as unsorted waste in European Union countries, and instead recycle that waste to the highest extent possible. All products displaying the crossed out wheeled bin symbol should be offered a recycling system upon purchase of a replacement.

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